Tuesday, October 2, 2012


One minute I'm spending a lazy, rainy Sunday curled up with a book, under a blanket...and the next thing I know I'm walking with the dogs up on our hill to cut & stack wood for the winter!  In the rain!  What a miserable turn of events!  I'm not really sure how it happened....I must have been in a blissful fog when I agreed to this!  At least our friends, the O'Rourkes are with us, so I'm not alone in my misery!  The walk up wasn't too bad and the view was beautiful!

The dogs had a great time!  They ran and chased each other.  THey chased cows and other creatures.  When it started to storm, they chased me and tried to jump up into the tractor!  This is tryly an example of the not-so-romantic side of farming.  Cutting and stacking your winter supply of wood in the cold rain! 

Now, I have to admit, it is kind of fun watching the dogs enjoying themselves so much!  It's also nice to spend the day working with friends and family.  It truly was a team effort today! 

Notice Gus laying toward the bottom of the picture?  He is happily chewing on what appears to be a turkey foot!   Gratefully neither he nor the other dogs located the rest of the bird!

After cutting and stacking all of the wood on a wagon, we headed back down to the house since my cousin Heather, her husband Louis and their son Xavier were coming over to meet Amos.  Yesterday, my cousin Tara, her husband Bill and their 2 little girls Reese and Libby also made the trip down.  My very favorite part of farm life is watching little ones explore parts of the farm and learn about the animals.  They really love to get eggs out of the chicken house  and they think its great to watch Lola (the duck) waddle when she tries to run!  I love watching them explore the barn looking for kitties.  Little Libby (just a year old) giggled and giggled when the calves walked over to her and started mooing.  She really loved petting the bunny - who almost ended up with one less eye in the deal!

This is Reese, who was a big help preparing Amos' pen:

And feeding Amos his bottle:

Sunday, Xavier explored the barn with Jacob and then he and I found a kitty to play with:

And, of course, Xavier had to help feed Amos:

So, the weekend was pretty great....even the wood thing, I guess.  I'm now sitting in my  chair, under a blanket...now that we have wood, I even have the first fire of the year in my fireplace!  Oh, and guess who else is enjoying the relaxing fire........

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