Tuesday, April 14, 2015


My husband & sons have decided to convert our farm into an organic dairy. That means we have had to buy some more cows to increase our herd.  One of the cows we bought became sick right away. We called the vet & he had us treat her for milk fever.   We've had cows with that before.  They have low calcium levels after giving birth.  We give them some IV calcium & they're better.  But this cow wasn't getting better & she stopped eating.  So we had the vet come back & check her.  He found that she had a twisted stomach.  That's fatal for a cow. So, Ed, Andrew, Kelly & I got to help with the surgery.  Right in our barn! It was fascinating to watch.  He sedated the cow so that she was drowsy, but still standing. Then he numbed her side, cut a slit & stuck his arm inside & fixed her stomach.  She just stood there like nothing was happening! She felt nothing at all! Then he stitched her up & gave her lots of penicillin.  She was already trying to eat before we left the barn! Saying prayers that she recovers! We've named her Stitch!

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