Saturday, September 29, 2012


My family and I live on a 120 acre farm in Washington County Pennsylvania.  My husband, Ed, and I have 3 sons.  Andrew and his wife Kelly live on the farm in the old farmhouse. Michael and Jacob are both attending Waynesburg Unversity, but they're home most weekends and during breaks.  That's the thing about a farm.  Everyone has to pitch in with taking care of the animals, cleaning the barn, baling hay, planting fields, harvesting crops, fixing equipment....  A farm is a LOT of work, but its worth it! We love to share our farm with others!  Nothing makes me happier than to watch children experiencing the farm.  Seeing it from there eyes is truly a gift.  We have a lot of changes coming up with our farm in the near future, so I decided to start blogging again.  I don't want to forget our farm the way it is now, and I want to share the changes with you, as they come.  Most important, I want kids to be able to enjoy our farm family and be able to ask questions about our farm life!

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